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Workflow integrated communication for doctors talking to patients

With our Workflow Integrated Communication – WICOM for short – you can reach doctors directly in the practice software via appealing banner communication. In this way, you place your product messages with up to 15.000 doctors during patient consultations and the prescription process.


With WICOM, you communicate on the basis of individually selected criteria whenever your doctor target group meets your patient target group, e.g. after entering a certain diagnosis in the patient file or after selecting a certain preparation in the drug database. In this way, you reach your defined target group in every case and can address them in a targeted manner – with virtually no wastage. Selective communication for certain groups of specialists is also possible in this way.

Example: Workflow integrated communication (WICOM) in the ambulatory information system on the prescription form.

Your advantages

Communication at the Point of Decision 

With WICOM you reach the doctor at exactly the right moment: during the patient conversation and in the middle of the prescription - your information is needed and perceived by the doctor at exactly this moment.

Precise communication to your (individual) target group

With WICOM, you decide which doctors should receive your communication. This applies to both the specialist group-selective, the health insurance fund-specific approach: we reach almost every CGM doctor in your defined target group. In a nutshell: WICOM enables you to address target groups with maximum precision.

High reach

The doctor's information system is an important part of everyday practice, used by 99 percent of doctors every day when talking to patients. With us, you reach exactly these doctors in their software - more than 15,000 practising physicians.

Relevant messages through granular targeting

WICOM can be very precisely adapted to a specific environment. You have the possibility to display your communication e.g. on a specific diagnosis, a (competitive) preparation, active substance or insurance status. In this way, you achieve the greatest possible relevance for your target group.

WICOM is particularly suitable for...

product launches

Strengthen the awareness of your product.

expand your market position

Regularly remind the doctor of your brand and its Unique Selling Proposition.

patent expiry

Protect your market share and stay present with the doctor.