Your possible challenges in pharmaceutical marketing

Successful Rx launch, OTC launch, patent expiry and much more: 
Whatever challenge you are facing or whatever goal you are pursuing - we support your pharmaceutical marketing with our communication solutions and our extensive expertise in healthcare marketing. 

Successful new Rx launch

You want to launch your new prescription drug on the market. In addition to doctors prescribing your medicine, pharmacy teams at the point of sale (POS) pharmacy should also be informed about the storage and use of your medicine. 

Successful new OTC launch

Your new over-the-counter product is to be launched on the market. With your marketing measures, you not only want to draw the end customers' attention to your product, but also make a compelling case for your OTC medicine with doctors and pharmacy teams. 

Increase sales and gain market share

You want to increase the sales of your preparation and gain market share. You are looking for solutions for your pharmaceutical marketing to reach doctors when prescribing, pharmacy teams when dispensing and customers in an attractive environment.    

Increase awareness

You would like to improve brand awareness in relation to your preparation. To do this, you want to promote your product in an authentic and attractive environment directly at the point of sale (POS) at the pharmacy and convince the doctor of the benefits of your medicine in the long term. 

Rare diseases

You would like to optimally support the doctor in identifying a rare disease and raise his or her awareness of a specific clinical picture. The goal: Quick identification of the orphan disease and the quickest possible start with the appropriate therapy.