Map showing our local intermedix companies in Europe

intermedix international

intermedix is a service and consulting company that offers various communication and advertising collateral on healthcare platforms, including in physician information and pharmacy systems, websites or other digital applications. As part of CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA, an international provider of software for the healthcare sector, intermedix predominantly uses the software systems of its parent company for the communication solutions it offers.

We advise international pharmaceutical companies on pharma marketing and jointly develop effective communications activities that reach doctors, pharmacists and patients in various countries at the decisive moment. 

intermedix operates in five countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany and Italy. intermedix consultants are experts in pharma marketing, digital communication and in the daily routine of doctors and pharmacists. An in-house development team is constantly working on new communication solutions that allow you as a pharmaceutical company to reach your target audience in the optimum manner. 

Contact information

Here you can find the contact information of our local intermedix companies. They can help you with specific infromation for each country.


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