PTA at the computer holding a drug

Communication to the pharmacy team

We offer you various solutions for successful pharma marketing at the point of sale (POS) in the pharmacy. Support the pharmacy team with your information during consultations while promoting additional sales of your products. 

Make sure the pharmacy team focuses on your messages by placing your information at the centre of the consultation and dispensing process. 

intermedix reach of physicians in Europe
20 %in Germany
77 %in Germany with cooperations
45 %in Italy

Communication in the pharmacy software

Our communication solution for pharmacy software helps you support pharmacy staff with important treatment information or product characteristics in the moment they are dispensing your medicine. That raises awareness of your product compared with the competition and allows pharmacy staff to provide better advice. 

Use Cases: 

Supporting new product launch, increasing awareness, differentiating from competition, improving patient compliance

A prominent pop-up makes pharmacy staff aware of further information. 

Additional information allows the pharmacy team to provide better advice.

Cross-selling advice in the pharmacy-software

Cross-selling, i.e. pharmacy staff actively recommending other products, offers compelling sales potential for manufacturers and can increase pharmacy sales through professional advice. Smart communication in the pharmacy software enables you as a manufacturer to provide this very information to pharmacy staff. Use cross-selling from intermedix to place your information at the heart of consultations and to increase the volume of products dispensed by promoting the right arguments.

Use case:

Cross-selling, up-selling

Another suitable product can be recommended for a defined product. 

Additional information provides pharmacy staff with useful sales arguments. 

Sales Booster

The web platform Sales Booster offers a range of services to automate and make efficient many processes in the pharmacy. From checking stock in the warehouse to order proposals, optimising the relationship between the company and the pharmacy, centred on actual needs. Sales Booster is an innovative, digital and easy-to-use tool which, by monitoring and processing key information, guides and improves the activities of your sales force.