Doctor working at the computer

Communication to doctors

Our communication solutions allow you to reach doctors in out-of-hospital practices and help medical practitioners take decisions by providing relevant treatment information when and where it is needed: during the diagnosis and prescription process. 

We offer various formats depending on requirements: from the classic banner format in the physician information system, medical and scientific information in the drugs database, to context-sensitive information on diagnosing rare diseases. 

Our high reach supports your healthcare marketing.

intermedix reach of physicians in Europe
54%in Austria
70%in Czech Republic
54%in Germany
33%in Italy and France


WICOM (workflow integrated communication) allows you to reach doctors in out-of-hospital practices from within the medical practice software. The medical practitioner sees your messages in the prescription workflow based on your stipulated criteria, e.g. after inputting a certain diagnosis in the patient's file or after selecting a certain medicine in the drugs database.

Use cases: 

product launch, alternatives for therapies, patent expiry, co-therapy, new dosage forms, communication around competitors, medical information i. e. dosage schemes, etc.

Each communication is optimally integrated into the workflow of the prescription in the AIS.

The search in the drug database is supplemented by communication.

Medical content communication

Medical content communication allows you to provide doctors with additional product information in the drugs and prescription database. While searching for suitable medication, a prominent window provides doctors with additional information on new launches, treatment information, other patient information, etc. 

Use cases:

medical content, i. e. dosage schemes, information about new drugs and therapies, new dosage forms, usage medical devices like inhalers, patient information / multi-lingual information

Non-advertorial information in order to support the physician with relevant content.

Additional information about medication, legal requirements or dosage can help.

Software-assisted medicine

Software-assisted medicine is an individual communication approach that provides medically relevant and evidence-based content in the electronic patient file itself as an integral part of the doctor’s workflow. This intermedix solution supports context-sensitive treatment by providing non-promotional information such as guidelines, public recommendations or research findings.

The benefit to you: specialist support within the patient's file and high acceptance among doctors thanks to unbiased presentation

Use cases: 

  • Rare diseases – helping doctors to makes diagnoses with relevant information
  • Recall – patient-specific reminders for exam appointments, vaccinations, etc.
  • Therapy information – therapy in accordance with guidelines, diagnosis of rare diseases or difficult diagnoses
  • Value tracking – progress documentation of scores such as CHADS2VASC or connection of external calculation tools
  • Enrolment – patient recruitment, e.g. for support programmes
  • Documentation – illustration of phase IV trials in out-of-hospital practices

Context-sensitive pop-up placed in the doctor's workflow. 

Supplementary information such as diagnosis options or treatment regimens support the doctor.