5 Trends in Reaching the Target Group of Physicians

February 15, 2023

Reaching physicians is an ever-increasing challenge for companies. In the stressful working day of a doctor, there is often no time for reading advertisements or newsletters. Here it is important to know the current trends in order to reach physicians quickly and efficiently.

1. Optimization and Automation through AI

In order to use all channels sensibly with existing resources in the face of increasing cost pressure, it is important to optimize and automate processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) will become very successful in this area in the future. For example, AI can help optimize individual target group communication, such as through newsletters. For example, AI-based newsletter systems can send the newsletter directly at a time preferred by physicians and use algorithms to determine which topics were particularly well received and which were not. In 2023, it will be even more important to define task areas for AI and to find and minimize sources of error.

2. Knowledge about Customers is Crucial

In order to convince physicians of new digital therapies and to walk the path of digital transformation together, it is even more important that pharmaceutical companies know their customers. They need to know exactly what their needs are and how physicians work in order to convince them of the added value of their products with the right arguments.

3. Data as the Base

Knowledge of data is important for evaluating, optimizing and planning targeted campaigns. This way, targeted information can be provided and added value delivered to your customers. This is where our data services solutions support you and offer you exclusive insights for your company.

4. Change in the Information Behavior of Physicians

The generational change in the information behavior of physicians is particularly evident in current figures: More than 70% of physicians use search engines for work daily. Here, physicians can search directly for relevant questions and content. Similar to the media industry, on-demand offerings are becoming more popular than fixed formats. Thus, especially for young physicians, the internet is the first choice when looking for information.

5. Medical Search Marketing 

It is most important for doctors to be able to obtain information quickly during their daily practice: Precise wording saves time and provides important information briefly. According to a study by the University of Erlangen, physicians pay particular attention to ensuring that information is clear, reliable and updated. Thus, the quality of the sources should not be neglected despite the brevity. In addition, doctors want the medical information to be relevant to them and to support their patients. 


In the future, AI will become more and more important. Optimization and automation will be significantly advanced and offer great opportunities to reach physicians in the best possible way. It is still important to know the customers well and adapt to their ideas. Therefore, data for analysis is very helpful. It is obvious that young doctors in particular are using search engines more and more frequently during their work. Here, it is crucial for them to be able to find serious sources rapidly.  
These trends as well as our data service solutions will support you as a company in reaching doctors in the best possible way.

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