COVID-19: Successful pharma marketing in times of pandemic

March 19, 2021

The spread of the coronavirus and the resulting social distancing have changed communications and activities in pharma marketing beyond recognition. We provide a few tips explaining what pharmaceutical companies now need to bear in mind and highlight new opportunities.

Doctor’s surgeries in Germany are more digital than ever: use digital channels to support doctors

Video consultation, online sick note and a vast need for information: digital offerings for out-of-hospital medical practitioners have suddenly become indispensable. Make a point of using digital channels to assist doctors with relevant concise, well-presented information. Now more than ever, the need for reliable, readily available information is enormous. And that’s why patients also feel so insecure and see their doctor as the key point of contact.

Specialties differ greatly: check what information your target group needs

Even if digital offerings such as the drugs database and Physician Information System are ideally suited for targeting doctors with your communications, the relevance of your communications is the key to success. To deliver targeted communications and provide medical practitioners with added value through relevant information, you must understand what information and offerings allow you to reach your target group. The various groups of specialists also have very different information needs in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Information on the coronavirus will be of interest, but doctors are looking in particular for information on suspended discount agreements and delivery bottlenecks for medications.

Prepare yourself for a sustainable change and review your strategy

The shift toward digital solutions won’t be a temporary phenomenon. In many cases, today’s developments will sustainably change the way doctors and patients behave in future. So it’s important to tailor your communications strategy to the increased online orientation of doctors and patients. Leverage fully the specific target group knowledge from your pharmaceutical sales representatives to augment your sales communications as effectively as possible with targeted digital offerings.

The market is realigning itself but you need to keep the market in focus

It’s still not clear what long-term regulatory changes the COVID-19 pandemic will bring. Yet supply bottlenecks, shifts in demand and suspended discount agreements are already having a huge impact on the market structure. Careful market observation and price analysis are therefore essential nowadays. Leverage your information advantage to respond directly and effectively through communications.

Alternative communications: software for doctors

Our communication habits have changed radically since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Personal contacts, sales representative visits and typical gatherings such as conferences and events need to be adapted to the new circumstances.

Digital channels that provide targeted access to doctors are now the compelling, safe and reliable alternatives of choice. Tried-and-trusted communications solutions from intermedix actively help doctors find information and enable you as a pharmaceutical company to still communicate regularly with your target audience. Treatment and revenue information, new forms of treatment, information on product launches provide doctors with core added value now more than ever.

Readily available communications examples

We’ll find the right product for you and your communications objective

With our digital communications solutions in the Physician Information System (AIS) and the drugs database (AMDB) you help doctors actively find the information they need, while also adding substantial value.

We’ll help you select and design a communications activity tailored specifically to the life-cycle of your product and your objectives. Feel free to contact us for non-obligation advice.