International Women’s Day: Statements on equality at intermedix

March 8, 2021

Held on 8 March every year since 1911, International Women’s Day aims to champion equality. In some countries it’s even a public holiday. A good opportunity for us to look at how we embrace equality as a company. 

The following statements are in alphabetical order. 

Ralph Roman Moser, General Manager intermedix Deutschland GmbH

“I’m enormously proud that our employees feel just how important the issue of equality is to us. We’re extremely pleased with our kununu score of 4.9 in the two categories of “Equality” and “Treatment of older colleagues” because we know that diversity is one of our strengths and we only achieve the best performance with a diverse team.”

Stefan Müller, Head of Business Controlling & Order Processing

“I think it’s great that intermedix supports its employees through flexible working models so they can plan a family. Parental leave and professional development can be combined excellently here too.”

Corina Neuse, Vice President Sales

“Equality means equal opportunities, encouraging women to seize their opportunities, to try to be bold. I see my task as stepping forward as a role model, smoothing the way and supporting them. As a company we’ve managed to do that well and we also want to encourage others to do the same.”

Dr Eckart Pech, Managing Director Consumer and Health Management Information Systems

“For us, diversity is a conscious strategic commitment that produces better decisions and makes us more competitive thanks to a broader debate. Colleagues at intermedix regularly confirm this with their impressive results.”

Peter Schäfer, Head of Business Development – Pharmacy Solutions

“At intermedix this teamwork focus means not just a clear allocation of tasks, but also mutual respect, e.g. if something isn’t possible at some stage for family reasons. Such as if a mum with 3 children aged between 4 and 11 urgently has to homeschool or step in to provide day care, we re-arrange our deadlines accordingly so that we can meet our objectives together in the end. That way we step in and support each other so we can achieve the best possible results. And that’s the only way we can best integrate our corporate objectives with the work-life balance of all our employees.”

Juliane Schubert, Head of Marketing

“For me the recipe for success is to move away completely from a gender-specific mindset. That’s not always easy since role models are still strongly influenced at many other points in life. So it’s all the more important for us as a company to showcase positive examples and role models, to make success stories tangible, and thus inspire and motivate others. After all, the more tangible equality is on all levels, the sooner it will be taken as the norm.”

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