Raising awareness for Rare Diseases

March 14, 2022
Doctor with patient

Communication for Rare Diseases

With the help of communication for Rare Diseases, doctors can be supported in the treatment of their patients through the provision of valuable information during diagnosis. This is done by comparing the existing symptoms with the clinical pictures of certain Rare Diseases. Precise parameter definitions active in the background ensure optimal context-sensitive control of the messages. 

So-called ‘orphan diseases’ often remain undetected in those affected. This is due not only to low levels of awareness, but also because the symptoms are often unspecific. In addition, medical professionals are usually quite inexperienced in dealing with these very diseases, which they encounter rarely and which affect only a few patients. This makes it particularly difficult for doctors to make a diagnosis. 

Communication for Rare Diseases can support general practitioners in precisely this area. The digital assistant is integrated into the CGM practice software. When new items are documented in electronic patient records, structured data such as diagnosis codes, biometric data or laboratory values are compared. If the configuration of the current case being treated matches the predefined criteria, the relevant information window is displayed on the doctor's screen – directly in the software. The doctor can now look at this more closely and will receive disease-specific information as a guide for the next steps. In the best case scenario, the diagnostic pathway for affected patients can be shortened considerably and suitable treatment provided more quickly.



High level of expertise

You can count on intermedix to be a strong cooperation partner. We work together with our medical experts to develop relevant parameters for the corresponding Rare Disease. We offer you many years of project implementation experience in the field of Rare Diseases and a strong reach of doctors who you can access at that decisive moment in the practice software.

Unique communication campaigns

Each of our Rare Disease projects is unique and customised to meet the specific needs and challenges of our clients. So you can reach your desired (specialist) target group with a targeted approach to potentially affected patient groups – and can do so as part of the doctor's workflow during the patient consultation.

High acceptance and benefit for doctors

Thanks to their clear focus on benefits and high relevance, the unbranded information windows of our Communication for Rare Diseases receive a high level of attention from medical professionals. The communication channel also enjoys a high level of credibility due to strict criteria and the neutrality of the content. 

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