Software as an important part of digital daily life in pharmacies

April 6, 2021

Everyday working life in a pharmacy is about more than simply scanning in prescriptions, dispensing and selling preparations, and completing the necessary billing documentation. After all, the pharmacy is the patient’s last port of call — afterwards it’s just them and their medication.

Necessary merchandise management system

The pharmacy team requires a wealth of digital functions to manage daily merchandise management processes. Regardless of whether it’s advising customers, sales, prescription management, inventories or payment transactions on PoS systems.

LAUER-TAXE® has been the tried-and-trusted reference book for pharmaceutical and pharmacy information since 1950 . The software provides an optimum overview from the pharmacy counter to the storeroom since dispensing drugs accounts for 90 percent of sales in a pharmacy* – with everything having to be coordinated with zero errors.

Boosting consulting expertise

Of course the pharmacy team cannot know every preparation on the market – nor does it need to! After all, pharmacy software substantially increases consulting expertise and the quality of information. The inclusion of relevant content such as adverse reactions and side effects or recommended dosage provides the PTA with a tool that allows them to provide patients with the right advice.  



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