Ready for action at the right time: intermedix supports flood victims

December 1, 2021

As experts in digital communication, we love data services, platform solutions and screens. At the same time, we continue to be people in an analogue world - and we do lend a hand when help is needed. Like this summer, when the severe flooding near our German head office in Koblenz caused major devastation.

To many of us, the true extent of destruction revealed itself only gradually: although we had noticed that rainfall had been heavier than usual, the terrible images reaching us via television news or social networks in the days that followed simply seemed too unreal to be true. There was a strong desire to help but access to the worst-hit areas remained blocked for security reasons. So what were we supposed to do?

Special leave for helpers

Only a few days later, all members of staff received an important e-mail from CompuGroup, our parent company, letting us know that those located in the region and willing to help were granted special leave both swiftly and pragmatically. And so some of us jumped at the opportunity straight away.

“My home was very close to where it all happened – so the experience was much more tangible and I simply felt the urge to get active and help.”

Meanwhile, a central collection point for donations in kind from all over Germany was set up at the Nürburgring motorsports complex. Here, helping hands were in great demand: with a seemingly endless number of bags and boxes of clothing, one of the main tasks was to get an overview of all the incoming goods and to unpack and sort them across countless long benches. The donations were then transported to the people of the devastated Ahr valley. According to many helpers, the atmosphere on-site was very warm and appreciative amidst all the tragic events.

“I could never have imagined how a huge hall like this could be packed to the rafters ... at some point we even ran out of boxes!”

Even weeks later, some of our staff members were still working on the ground wherever help was needed most, and many moving moments and scenes will certainly stay with them for a long time to come.

“One day we were driving with an off-road vehicle at walking speed through completely devastated pedestrianised zones. I will never forget those images.”

Great fundraising success among members of staff

When CompuGroup initiated a collective donation campaign, many members of staff dug deep, raising almost €100,000 within a few weeks – and CompuGroup subsequently doubled the sum!

It was jointly agreed that the money raised would go to the district administration of Ahrweiler, a district that had been particularly hard hit by the flooding. Our donations were for the direct benefit of local citizens, i.e. 100% of the money went straight to the destination, without any deductions for personnel or material costs. What is more, the proceeds of this year’s corporate Christmas donation campaign will also go to the district administration of Ahrweiler.


The firm belief that we are always stronger together is part of our corporate vision. Values such as solidarity, supportiveness, pragmatism and creativity do not only shape our business relations, but also us as a team.

We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas time and a healthy and optimistic 2022.

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