Better understanding of how doctors use medical practice software for prescriptions

December 10, 2020

The digital transformation has also radically changed the work of doctors in out-of-hospital practice over the past few years. Smart software systems such as the Physician Information System (AIS) or the drugs database (AMDB) are now an integral part of everyday surgery practice. The new intermedix tool ixsight provides for the first time a comprehensive understanding of the entire workflow in this software, from diagnosis, drugs search, through to prescription. ixsight is also the first survey method that can be used to understand how doctors actually use the Physician Information System.

Data acquisition

To acquire data, the tool draws on a voluntary panel of doctors. The garnered data is continuously evaluated and provides an exact picture of how doctors behave and what factors influence prescription. This data helps optimise the information provided and communications in the medical practice software.

“Many doctors suffer from chronic time pressure and have to come up with a diagnosis in double-quick time, document treatment, and select a suitable preparation. Our aim is to better understand the doctor’s workflow so we can then assist them with relevant information in an optimum way,” says Ralph Roman Moser, Area Vice President intermedix. The better understanding of information and prescription behaviour through ixsight enables companies in the pharma sector to deliver far more targeted communications that reach the doctor at the decisive moment.”

Data privacy guaranteed

The protection of personal data is of course guaranteed as part of ixsight: purely statistical data is recorded anonymously, taking into consideration all data privacy requirements and directives. Neither doctors nor patients can be identified.

ixsight Report

Published regularly, the ixsight Report illustrates medical practitioners’ need for information in the prescription and drugs database. This report is published every six weeks and can be subscribed to free of charge.

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