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April 6, 2021
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Medical practitioners have a reputation of being about as digital and state of the art as a fax machine. But is that really true? Our short know-how series aims to shed some light on the reality and provide a few interesting insights from daily life in surgeries. In the first part of this series we explain when doctors use their software and for what purpose.

Everyday use in surgeries

The Physician Information System is always the first port of call for doctors looking for relevant medical information, information tailored to the individual patient or administrative processes: doctors use the software to record patient data (such as case history, findings, diagnosis, or laboratory results), to manage documents and images or to meet legal documentation obligations — as such the software provides enormous support in surgery organisation. At the same time, doctors find out about important changes or innovations in the health care system.

Actual usage period

Put simply, out-of-hospital medical practitioners spend most of their working day in front of a screen, using their medical practice software. The figures show that 99 percent of doctors use the Physician Information System in every consultation* — assuming a doctor works 8 hours a day on average with just under 7 minutes per patient, doctors are using the system over 65 times a day.

Integrated drugs and prescription database  

The Physician Information System is the key central source of information for medical practitioners — not least due to its link with the drugs and prescription database. The second part of our know-how series will explain the system, what the medical practitioner uses it for, and what it all has to do with the right medication.


*Source: MAIS study 2017.

More on the drugs and prescription database

Find out when doctors use a drugs database and for which work steps. 

More on the pharmacy software

Find out when the pharmacy team uses pharmacy software and for which work steps. 

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