The drugs database – the prescription process 

April 6, 2021
Doctor at the laptop

Large, heavy red books with the mysterious name “Red List” still often grace the shelves particularly in doctor’s surgeries with older practising doctors. These tomes include concise information on drugs for human use and certain medical devices, i.e. medical, patient and product information. Searching through this information is time-consuming and anything but digital for the 21st century.

The drugs and prescription database

Think of the drugs and prescription database as a kind of digital Red List. Here the medical practitioner can find all the currently approved drugs for human use. Plus all the statutory information according to the Economic Optimisation of Pharmaceutical Care Act (AVWG) catalogue.  

Use in the surgery  

The drugs database, which forms part of the Physician Information System, is the direct source of information most frequently used by doctors on a daily basis in surgeries. It’s not just the basis for each printed prescription, but also provides information on all elements of prescription management (e.g. discount agreements or regulatory drugs agreements). Medical practitioners use the database on a daily basis to find details of discount agreements, guidelines or treatment information – and, of course, for the prescription.

No prescription without drugs database

Selecting the prescription form in the Physician Information System takes the medical practitioner straight to the drugs and prescription database. Here they select a suitable preparation, click on it to copy it to the prescription. The patient then uses this prescription to collect their medication from the pharmacy. Part 3 of our know-how series explains whether and how the software helps the pharmacy team dispense drugs and advise patients.

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